SAM Leisure ACOS Showcase


SAM Slalom Fast Track & Evo take air hockey to a new level with SAM’s proven reliability and fast ROI in complementary illuminated cabinets. Part of the new Evo range, offering consistent branding and illumination in Conventional Fast Track, Curved bed, Baby Air and Yukon style cabinets.

Happy Park Vending Machines offer the tried and tested crane format with a prize every time.

SAM’s design and manufacturing experience have been brought to bear on the vending sector. Already renowned for producing the highest revenue pool and hockey tables, SAM now offer leisure venues a win-every -time crane machine. Available in regular or large size, the Happy Park machines are true vending machines and available in a variety of eye-catching cabinets.

Whack Attack is fast and furious fun. A reflex smash LED button two player head to head game that is truly addictive.
Whack Attack is available in free play, coin operated and also with redemption options.  It is perfect for home game rooms, youth centres, camps, arcades, party venues, shopping malls, FEC’s, seaside locations, bowling centres etc. These hammer games are still one of the most played games at the arcade and both adults and children alike enjoy hitting the button targets as they flash up.
Fast, fun and exciting, yet easy to understand and play.

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