Crazy Tower Stacks Up At Adventure Island

18/04/2018 | No comments

Futuristic holographic redemption game Crazy Tower proved to be a massive hit with players at Southend’s Adventure Island Pleasure Park over Easter.

The game, manufactured by Adrenaline and available via BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. (BNAE) tests players’ stacking skills. At the touch of a button, players must build up their tower and avoid it toppling over. The taller the tower – the higher the score. Up to four players can demonstrate their versions of a Crazy Tower, through the holographic 3D display and compete against one another.

“Crazy Tower has been an excellent addition to our range of redemption games at Adventure Island,” says Carl Stacey, head of coin operations. “Players are drawn by the unusual 3D holographic display – there’s nothing else quite like it.”

Crazy Tower joins over 100 arcade game spread across Adventure Inside and Feelgoods, at Southend’s Adventure Island. The fun park has been run by the Miller family for more than 40 years on Southend Pier.

“Adventure Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Essex,” says BNAE’s Regional Sales Manager John Crompton. “The arcade areas are beautifully presented and the team has created an excellent redemption mix. Crazy Tower fits in very well with the family ethos as it encourages group play. It has performed particularly well over Easter.

Adventure Island started out in 1918 as Sunken Gardens, a seaside garden that in the 1920s installed a few children’s rides. In 1976, the land to the west of the pier was purchased by the Miller family. In 1995 the park was vastly expanded when the land to the east of the pier was purchased to form part of the park. In 2014, Adventure Island demolished the Pirate Boat, which was one of their oldest attractions, to make way for a new soft play area, names Adventure Inside, which opened in spring 2015.

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Sega gets Smart with Ticket Time

18/04/2018 | No comments

Sega Amusements International had a booth dedicated to present Ticket Time at DEAL. Developed by Smart Industries and distributed by Sega, Ticket Time created a lot of buzz at the show. The brightly lit redemption crane stood out at the show for its aesthetic features, clever technology, reliability and headline-making high-income performance.

Ticket Time gameplay is straightforward; players move the 4-way joystick to control the crane and collect as many bundles of tickets as possible. Then using RFID technology embedded in the ticket bundles, the game calculates the number of tickets to award to the player.

Commenting on Ticket Time at DEAL, Maria Carmen Villarroya, International Sales Manager at Sega (pictured with Jimmy Dupree from Smart Industries) says “Ticket Time has tested extremely well in various FEC’s and arcades worldwide. By incorporating clever technology and mechanics, this game is accurate and reliable. The re-usable RFID embedded ticket bundles significantly reduce paper ticket costs for operators. Hence it’s no surprise Ticket Time is proving to be a dominant game in its category.”

Designed to be versatile Ticket Time can be operated on either ‘Coin-in and paper ticket out’ or ‘Swipe card and paper ticket out’ or ‘Swipe card and e-ticket out’. The game is available in 31” single player format and 61” two payer cabinet. The 31” single player cabinet measures 87cm (34”) Deep, 80cm (32”) Wide and 192cm (75”) tall. Two player 61” cabinet measures 87cm (34”) Deep, 160cm (63”) Wide and 192cm (75”) tall.

Maria concluded by saying “Thank you to all visitors that stopped by our stand at the show, your support and participation made this show a success”.



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SUZOHAPP Acquires Coinco Lines

12/04/2018 | No comments

SUZOHAPP announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the primary currency and cashless product lines of Coinco, a world leader in the design and manufacturing of payment solutions for the Vending industry, based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Founded in 1958, Coinco led the way in product development, providing the market with a wide range of value-added payment solutions, including its well recognized coin changers, bill acceptors, card readers and cashless technology. Some important new offerings will be added to the SUZOHAPP portfolio, such as the Vantage VR6 note recycler and the iris line of cashless systems.

The strength of the Coinco brand has led to significant success in the U.S. market.  SUZOHAPP hopes to recreate that success in the international markets by leveraging its significant resources and global footprint, especially in Europe, where SUZOHAPP has a thriving Vending business.

Service in N. America of the entire Coinco product line will continue to be provided by the existing Coinco service network, which will continue to be operated by Coin Acceptors Inc.

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Paul Smith Opens The Service Centre

11/04/2018 | No comments

Popular industry figure, Paul Smith has set up a new company to supply electronic repairs, “must have” spares, pool/snooker cloth and accessories or new and refurbished change machines.

Paul is joined in the new venture by former colleague Nick Holmes and Steve Brown who together provide over 50 years of industry experience.

The Service Centre is fundamentally an Electronic repair hub focussing within Gaming, Amusement, Vending and the Security Industries and is based in the historic town of Hertford, just north of London

The Service Centre offers weekly van runs and advance replacement services, along with a 3 month warranty* and the “S.C.Q.” Seal of Approval on all repaired components and machines.

Whether it be electronic repairs, “must have” spares, pool/snooker cloth and accessories or new and re-furbished change machines it is all under one roof.

For more details visit:

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Southsea’s South Parade Pier Wins Award

11/04/2018 | No comments

Owners and backers of the revamped South Parade Pier celebrated this week when the destination was presented with a top award by the National Piers Society (NPS).

The NPS praised the pier, which came close to collapse before it was lovingly restored last year, saying it had been brought “beautifully back from the brink”.

The recognition follows the site’s unveiling last year, following years of hard work to secure its revival after a fire. Tommy Ware Snr, who co-owns the attraction alongside Bobby Pettett Snr, said: ‘We really are over the moon with this award. ‘When we took on the pier about five years ago it was falling apart – if nothing had been done it would likely be in the sea. ‘But it’s back and it’s busy, and if it wasn’t for the team that fixed it up and the people who run it now we wouldn’t be here.’ Tim Wardley, chairman of the NPS, added: ‘The pier has undergone a remarkable transformation and I’m absolutely delighted on behalf of our members at South Parade Pier for earning this award.’

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Merkur Gaming makes Irish strides

11/04/2018 | No comments

Merkur Gaming was at the recent Irish Gaming Show in Dublin for the second year and now says it can look back on a highly successful product launch.

Following on from the positive response to the market introduction of the Merkurstar at last year’s show, the Merkur parent company Gauselmann Group teamed up with FunFair Amusements as official distributor and within just 12 months had installed over 100 machines in the Irish market.

At this year’s show, Merkur presented the Evostar, which combines the ergonomic aspects and player comfort of a slant top with the typical characteristics of an upright cabinet. The Evostar also has an integrated USB port so players can charge their mobile phone.

Summing up the event, Markus Wessler, sales director, said: “Ireland is a key growth market for Merkur Gaming and even after just a few months we are already making very successful inroads. This has prompted us to increase our presence at the Irish Gaming Show this year, which – if the positive visitor feedback is anything to go by – was the right decision.”

Philip O’Leary, managing director of FunFair Amusements, said: “The partnership with an international group of Gauselmann’s standing means a lot to FunFair Amusements. The past year has already shown that Merkur Gaming’s product portfolio ideally complements our own and has met with keen interest on the Irish market.”

The picture shows Philip (centre) and Stephen O’Leary and Markus Wessler (right).

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High Losses on B2s Continue at Low Stakes Says Bacta

06/04/2018 | No comments

High-loss sessions on Fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) remain prevalent at low staking levels, and are only practically eradicated with stakes at or below £2, new analysis shows.

In response to the Gambling Commission’s advice to Government that the stake on FOBTs should be ‘below £30’, bacta has explored the link between high loss sessions and lower average stakes.

Based on the Gambling Commission’s session loss data for 2015/6, it has found (relating to B2 only machines):

•    When average stakes were below £30, there were still 136,561 sessions in which a consumer lost over £500

•    This means over 17% of all high-loss sessions (>£500) were with average stakes at or below £30

•    High-losses continue well below the £30 level. When average stakes were between £10.01-£20, there were 40,926 high-loss sessions; at £5.01-£10.00 there were 5,613.

•    Only with a stake at or below £2 are these high-loss sessions effectively eliminated, with just 14 instances where the stake average was between 51p and £2.

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Bacta Charitable Trust confirm partnerships with four deserving causes

06/04/2018 | No comments

Bacta members will now be raising much needed funds on behalf of four deserving causes. In addition to the incumbent Rays of Sunshine, the bacta Charitable Trust has agreed to partner the Macmillan/Royal Marsden, Great Ormond Trust Hospital and the Teenage Cancer Trust. The three additional charities were selected by the Trustees following nominations made by Bacta members.

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New permit policy for AGCs in Derry

04/04/2018 | No comments

A new policy governing the granting of amusement arcade permits in the Northern Irish city of Derry has come under scrutiny after a judge overturned a council decision to refuse a permit for a location there.

News website Derry Now reported that an application to open an amusement arcade lodged by Oasis Retail Services had been refused but subsequently reversed in the court of appeal in June 2017.

A meeting of local councillors saw a drafted new policy on amusement permits presented, which the council hoped would benefit future applications and decisions.

It features criteria such as suitability of location, impact on retail vitality, proximity to residential use and the proximity to schools, youth centres and residential institutions.

The councillors agreed to approve the commencement of a public consultation exercise with key stakeholders on the draft Amusement Permit Policy.

by Dan Snook

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Commission Reminds Fairgrounds of Operating Rules

04/04/2018 | No comments

At the start of the fairground season, The Gambling Commission is reminding fairground operators that they must follow the rules for buying, maintaining and operating gaming machines.

Key points to remember are:

  • Low-stake (category D) fruit machines can be made available at fairgrounds along with coin pushers and crane grab machines
  • Higher stake gaming machines (category B and C), like those typically played in arcades and pubs, are not permitted
  • Fairground operators must source all their machines from Gambling Commission licensed suppliers
  • All employees working with gaming machines must be at least 18 years old.

An easy to print quick guide to the rules for fairgrounds is available on our website, as well as details of the stakes and prizes for category D machines.

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