G Squared Launches Innovative Playgo App

17/01/2018 | 3 comments

A solution for the problem of going cashless on AWPs has long flummoxed the industry – however – G Squared Games believes it may have come up with the answer. The Playgo App works as a virtual wallet on your smart phone and once it is downloaded, it is possible for the player to load funds from a bank account and then communication is established with the machine via a QR code – funds can be transferred to and from the App – and importantly limits on spending can be set.

The App features information on problem gambling and offers the option of self exclusion – so effectively bypasses the main issues and concerns that the Gambling Commission have raised. John Powell from G Squared doesn’t rule out the possibility of making the App available to other manufacturers of machines via a licence system and says that G Squared is already in talks with the leading retailers who have expressed a keen interest in moving forward with the project.

Image: Jonathan Powell demonstrates the App on stand 340

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Bulldog Brand is Launched At EAG

16/01/2018 | No comments

The Novomatic Group of Companies caused a stir at EAG with the launch of a new brand dedicated to the redemption sector. Bulldog Games is headed by Peter Collinge and will sell redemption titles created by Bell-Fruit and Astra into the UK and International markets.

Taking a prominent position along the back wall of the exhibition hall featuring no fewer than 17 amusement machines, Bulldog has a very British branding which, according to Colllinge, was a conscious decision. “We did some market research and this branding proved to be very popular with consumers. This is a great opportunity for us, we have meetings with a number of potential international distribution partners during the show,” he added. “Clearly the contraction of the traditional Cat C market has been a motivation in the decision of create a redemption brand. Redemption is growing in popularity all over the world.”

Chris Butler, managing director of both Bell-Fruit and Astra Games told InterGame  that the copany has two large factories to “feed.”

“I have to keep those factory production lines (60,000sq.ft in Nottingham and 45,000sq.ft in Bridgend) turning out quality machines and bluntly, it is becoming more difficult to do that with a contracting domestic market for gaming machines,” he said.

Butler turned to amusements for a number of reasons. It will help keep the production lines moving, broadens the group’s manufacturing base and makes better use of the creative juices of its R&D teams.

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A New Version of LCCP is Published

16/01/2018 | No comments

new version of LCCP has been published, which will come into effect from 4 April 2018.

This version of LCCP includes changes relating to society lotteries and information requirements which were consulted on during 2017, as well as some minor clarification of the application of some of our requirements.

Find out more in the Gambling Commission’s  summary of key changes to LCCP – 2018

“LCCP is not static. We make amendments or additions to take account of developments in the industry or emerging evidence on the most effective means of promoting socially responsible gambling. But we will usually consult on any changes so come back to this page frequently to check for the most up to date information,” says a Commission source.

“We think that the most effective regulatory approach is to focus on the outcomes we expect you to achieve. In some areas we specify particular rules or processes, but where possible, we aim to allow you to take your own approach to meet our requirements. This includes using rapidly developing technological tools and data analytics.”

The areas of general compliance for all operators are listed on the top right of this page. For sector specific compliance scroll to the bottom. There are also sector specific LCCP extracts.

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Bingo industry to come together at ICE London

16/01/2018 | No comments

Miles Baron, Chief Executive Officer of The Bingo Association, has issued an open invitation to operators and regulators to visit the Bingo Pavilion at ICE London and ‘join the conversation.’

Speaking ahead of the 2018 edition of ICE London, the world’s biggest business-to-business gaming event, he said: “The Bingo Association encourages all members to attend ICE at some point during the three days if only to meet up with colleagues and suppliers. The Bingo Pavilion is building on the success of last year when operators and suppliers alike were very positive about the space at the show and the focus it provided. This year, we have more member exhibitors than last, which is great, as five years ago The Bingo Association had no presence at all and nor did some of the exhibitors. The Bingo Pavilion represents an excellent networking and research opportunity and, of course, the regulator is always welcome to drop by and join the conversation! I am delighted to have a bespoke area to give club-based Bingo some focus. The Bingo Pavilion is space for Association members to base themselves and, of course, at which to network during the day and at the Bingo Pavilion drinks receptions on both Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. I look forward to welcoming members at what promises to be a great opportunity to profile the industry and to network together as an industry whilst looking at any new developments in the wider gaming sector.”

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Leading Industry figure, David Bellis MBE, Chairman of Innovative Technology celebrates landmark 80th birthday

15/01/2018 | 1 comment

David Bellis MBE, a leading figure in the cash handling industry will celebrate his 80th birthday this week.

David’s personal career has been exciting and varied, as a key stakeholder in the coin industry, David’s ever- expanding knowledge of coins earned him the accolade of chairman of the Association’s Committee on coinage, reporting to BACTA and consulting closely with the Royal Mint. 1998 saw David honoured as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE), for his significant achievements and outstanding services to businesses in the community. In 2003, Oldham College announced a prestigious tribute and opened a new building named after David (The Bellis Building). As Oldham born, Oldham educated and always resident within the Borough, David has ‘carried the flag for Oldham’ in all of his activities – never more so than his contribution and involvement in Oldham’s wider business community.

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Immotion Group Showcases state-of-the-art VR platforms

15/01/2018 | No comments

Immotion, an exciting new UK-based technology start-up focused on bringing superior immersive reality experiences to consumers in Europe and the US, is  showcasing its state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) experience platforms at EAG International & the Visitor Attractions Expo at ExCeL, London, at stand No. 214.

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Playdium’s new video music option Is unveiled at EAG

11/01/2018 | No comments

Quality is the consistent theme which underlines the popularity of the TouchTunes Playdium  which is rapidly establishing a reputation amongst operators, venues and end-users alike for being the industry’s jukebox of choice.  Launched in the UK little more than a year ago, the Playdium combines sleek design with intuitive navigation, top end components, which includes a digital amp designed and built by B&O and a market leading mobile App.  EAG will see the launch of a new video music option that is backwardly compatible with the current Playdium.

James Luck, who boasts decades experience in the industry, believes the Playdium has raised the bar and set new standards in the jukebox sector.  He explained: “The Playdium arrives at EAG on the back of a hugely successful fourth quarter of 2017 when operators of all sizes have been placing repeat orders having experienced its income earning potential, in no small way boosted by the power and appeal of the TouchTunes mobile App.”

Looking ahead, Commercial Director, James Luck believes the App is an absolutely essential part of the operator’s armoury. He said: “The App gives the user total control, enabling him/her to take on the role of DJ and play the jukebox from their phone. This marriage of smartphone and smart jukebox transforms the player experience, bringing the jukebox bang up to date in terms of what the ‘Spotify Generation’ now expects. As the App links into users’ Apple Music and Spotify accounts it makes music selection an incredibly straightforward process.

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bacta Commissions report on £2 FBOT Stake

10/01/2018 | No comments

bacta has commissioned a report which shows that the impact of a lower B2 stake will impact bookmakers far less than estimates have suggested.

The report which was undertaken independently by economists at the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), was released today and  projects that industry losses from a £2 stake could be up to 47% lower than suggested by the Government’s initial impact assessment, with a £335m reduction in annual Gross Gambling Yield to high street betting shops, against the Government’s estimate of £639m.

These figures could be offset when compared to the £210m, which the report estimates as the fiscal cost of problem gambling associated with FOBTs once its impact on welfare services, work and housing issues, and criminality have been taken into account. Furthermore, it also found that there would be overall benefit to the economy should FOBT stakes be reduced to £2, with an estimated net increase of £45m to gross value added (GVA).

FOBTs, of which there are over 33,000 in betting shops across the UK, have come under widespread criticism for encouraging high-stakes gambling and exposing consumers to the risk of gambling harm. In 2015/6, there were over 230,000 individual sessions in which a user lost over £1,000. The current FOBT stake maximum of £100 is fifty times higher than that of other widely available gaming machines.

Bacta strongly supports evidence-based policy making and foresee this report as being a significant contribution to the debate on FOBTs and the Government’s consultation on its proposals for changes to Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures. 

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Ivor Thomas sign South East Distribution deal with BeeBox Systems

09/01/2018 | No comments

Ivor Thomas is now the South East distributor for the entertainment and promotional system from BeeBox Systems, designed to drive sales and boost revenues in bars and leisure venues.

The BeeBox connects to existing TVs and sound equipment and delivers music, digital signage, games, quizzes and more. As well as music the user can add food and beverage promotions, deliver a race night, a bingo night or even a karaoke night.

BeeBox is designed to maximise pub income, through an easy to use system. All features on the BeeBox are modular, allowing the system to be tailored to the users requirements; additional facilities can be added at any time as well as being upgradable.

Managing Director at Ivor Thomas Amusements, Paul Thomas said, “We are very impressed with the BeeBox and believe this will make it much easier for the independent to deliver pub entertainment and therefore boost their profits.”

BeeBox is already being used by over 500 independent publicans across the UK.

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Josh Hurst Joins BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe

08/01/2018 | No comments

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd (BNAE) is pleased to announce the appointment of Josh Hurst to the position of Export Sales Manager.

Josh has already held sales positions in a number of high profile companies within the industry and his father, David Hurst has long been well-respected in the UK amusement machine sector.

Josh will report directly to Commercial and Sales Manager James Anderson, alongside colleagues Kjeld Erichsen and Julian Goicoa, and together they will cover markets throughout continental Europe, CIS, Middle East and other regions.

“We are very excited to have Josh join the team at BNAE as he has already built up a very good reputation as one of the most talented young sales people in the industry and like myself has grown up with an industry background. BANDAI NAMCO is constantly growing and is active in many different regions, as well as product sectors. Therefore, we believe that this position is an excellent match for someone of his talent and ambition,” says James.

“It is perfect timing to have Josh join us on the stand at EAG, where he will be able get to know the international team as well as meet many of our customers. We expect he will hit the ground running,” adds James.

“I did not hesitate when given the opportunity to work for who I believe is the number one company in the amusement industry,” says Josh. “I can’t wait to get started and I look forward to seeing everyone at EAG, on the BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe stand 620, where there will be an unrivalled array of amusement product and services.”

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