Project to unveil Widescreengaming


A radical new approach which will change the face of low stake gaming’ is how Tony Boulton, managing director of London-based games developer Project, is describing the Widescreengaming innovation which was launched on January 4th and will make its industry bow on the stands of Crown, MDM and RLMS at the forthcoming EAG show.

Designed to operate as either a wall or as a centre piece, the striking cabinet features a 26-inch top and a 23-inch bottom screen, delivering in total some 6 square feet of screen space for games designers to work with. According to Tony Boulton, the dominant trend in gaming and leisure is toward much bigger screens. He explained: “The consumer electronics market is dominated by the quest to source bigger and better screens at an affordable price. Our commitment is to drive this forward in the low stake gaming sector and provide our arcade and bingo customers with a unique opportunity on the high street at no additional cost.”

“With 6 square feet of screen to play with you can deliver much more powerful graphics and stand a much better chance of winning the all important battle for the first leisure pound. Operators are able to bring a lot more theatre to their venues, and players feel much more comfortable with bigger screens. The Widescreengaming cabinet delivers a win, win, win. It means that operators can attract players quicker, deliver them a more fulfilling gaming/entertainment experience and as a consequence retain their custom for longer.”

Project has confirmed that it will continue to design games for both its Widescreen and classic Casino cabinets ensuring that all new developments stay within the company’s existing pricing structure.

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