Hastings pier arcade wins compensation case


The operator of a bingo hall and amusement arcade on Hastings Pier has won a massive compensation claim against the council.

Stylus Sports was forced to close its businesses on the pier back in 2006 after the structure was found to be structurally unsafe. The pier was then further damaged by fire in 2010.

The company had concerns over the safety of the pier which it drew to the attention of the then owner Ravenclaw from Panama. When the company did not respond to calls from Stylus and the council to carry out repairs, the pier was subject to a compulsory purchase order by the council.

The council claims that the compensation payment will mean it has to cut its spending elsewhere in the town. Kevin Boorman, spokesman for Hastings council, said the potential compensation bill was a “massive amount of money” that it would like to spend on the good of Hastings.

“This year we had to make 40 posts redundant because of budget cuts,” he said. “If we have to find that amount of money, that is (money) we can’t be spending elsewhere.”

However, Samuel Townend, barrister for Stylus Sports, said the company had been unable to do any business after the pier was shut.

“Stylus Sports were concerned about the structural stability of the pier back in 2004,” he said. ”They had structural surveys carried out and when Ravenclaw, who were their landlord, refused to do anything about it they passed that on to the council in January 2005.

“Had they acted earlier it is possible they could have avoided this compensation claim. There is loss of business and loss of business goodwill. It could come to several hundreds of thousands of pounds.”


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If Hastings Council really cared about the area they would drop the ridiculously high parking fees. I note “40 council jobs” have gone but my bet is that none of them will have been Parking Attendants as they are quite lucritive for the CONcil.

Steve H
26/04/2013, 13:07

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