Double Top pushes ahead for Levy


Harry Levy Amusements’ Colin Mallery says that despite difficult trading conditions, its latest pusher Double Top is creating incredible interest due to record cashbox takes. “It is outperforming everything out there at the moment and we are getting a lot of calls from people wanting more information about this particular piece. We are going into production with it and it will be one of the stars on our stand in January,” says Mallery.

Double Top has wide pusher beds and features the latest proven Fast Feed coin entry and pays out cash, tickets or prizes directly to the player – which is a first in the pusher market.

Cash won off the front of the pusher bed is paid in the normal way at the front of the machine. When the feature is activated, the player can win up to 100 tickets, depending where the light stops. If the feature light stops on the bulls eye, the player automatically receives a prize from the innovative spiral prize display, which is dispensed directly to the player by way of a central prize payout cup.

Each player position has its own prize display, which holds up to 60 pieces of Merchandise.

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