FatSpanner release their best Ind:e conversion options ever


From designing and building the Ind:e SLIM for Games Media, FatSpanner have always had the vital knowledge and experience required to offer both hardware and software support for all Ind:e products.

There is now no better time to take advantage of that experience with a whole host of support and conversion offers. FatSpanner are happy to announce a range of new conversion options. Starting from just £125 operators can convert their existing Ind:e products to the latest OPEN menu release. For just £125 not only do you get all the tried and tested classic SWP content players demand but also 4 new SWP games, a new tournament game and 3 Cat D and Cat C games along with a replacement PC with 3 month warranty. We’ll also convert all your existing Ind:e credits and give you another 10% FREE.

FatSpanner are also proud to announce the further release of yet another 3 new SWP games and 3 more Cat C games ready for the summer.

Development Director Paul Slavin comments “We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes developing new SWP and AWP content for the pub sector. While I admit in the past we’ve not been as clear to our customers as we should have been in relaying this information, we are now working on ways to improve this. What I can say is, we’ve met and talked with many operators recently and responded quickly to their comments regarding content for the future. The next update will feature some great new SWP games coupled with Cat C Roulette and Bingo along with a great new Jimmy White slot. With our Virtual Horse Racing and Poker also nearing completion, we’re really excited about our what we can offer the pub market for this summer.”

Managing Director David Ash adds “With a host of new hardware options from rebuilds to brand new cabinets combined with unique content including Virtual Racing, Roulette, Bingo, Poker, Slots, Tournament and brand new SWP games I firmly believe FatSpanner have the best products available for the pub sector.”

For more information on prices to convert any existing products please contact FatSpanner on 0845 5212931 or email gareth.davies@fatspanner.com

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