Digislots sets new digital benchmark


Reflex Gaming is rolling out its DigiSlots Category C digital pub compendium following extensive shake-down testing – and the results are standing up for themselves.

“It is still relatively early days however we have more connected machines every week and we are receiving some very interesting and positive information back from them. In many locations, DigiSlots is the best machine not only currently, also historically and we can see a continued growth pattern,” says Reflex Gaming Managing Director Quentin Stott.

“One of the most positive trends we have seen with DigiSlots is the increased average stake. Whereas tenanted pubs average around 43p stake and managed estates circa 49p – we  are now recording a 63p average stake on DigiSlots within current locations,” he adds.

Reflex and its operating partners, who helped to develop the concept, will now take the rollout of the machines to the next level, involving more pub retail groups.

“We have increased the number of Category C machines on the menu from 6 to 10 and we will continue to convert all of our latest analogue Category C releases to digital versions in good time to be available for Digislots,” says Quentin.

Sarah Barron, Machine Manager for Star Pubs & Bars has been extremely impressed by the capabilities of DigiSlots. “Star Pubs & Bars are always on the lookout for anything innovative that offers our lessees growth opportunity,” she says. “We are pleased to have been involved with DigiSlots from the outset through our relationship with many of the operators who helped develop it. 
Its stunning graphics and market leading game play and choice have helped drive cash box income for our lessees, with its pipeline of new content and the continued support and input of its innovative operators, it has set the new benchmark for digital Cat C offerings in the UK.”

Nick Wheeler, Corporate Sales Manager at Kossway Limited one of the companies who helped develop DigiSlots adds, “In many cases DigiSlots is the best machine on site beating all previous machines. We are thrilled with the results but this is just the start, we are dedicated to making this work not just as a digital product but as a Category C product that can compete with any other on the market.”

Quentin Stott agrees, “The only way that digital Cat C will be successful in pubs is if has the same cashbox, or more, as traditional products. Then we will have a proper starting point. Any company that tries to use digital to drive down prices or  measures peripheral areas surrounding the main cashbox,  will not in our opinion have success.  Digital needs to drive itself. These initial results are extremely promising and we are looking forward to working with our partners to continue DigiSlots upwards drive.

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Interesting times & concepts – the remark in the last paragraph from Quentin Stott is an indirect & very worrying sign of the times. If any new product does not drive cash box in an upwards direction, we are losing the plot. To stay static means a drop in real terms………

retired operator
16/04/2013, 06:53

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