More from the show floor: Harry Levy, PMS, Kiddy Rides, Electrocoin


There is definitely a trend for games based on Apps at this year’s show – Cut the Rope, Doodle Jump etc. Here is one of the best performing Apps in the market – Temple Run – turned into a redemption piece. This morning Radio 1 Breakfast DJ Nick Grimshaw tweeted a picture of himself downloading Temple Run with the words “Goodbye social life”. That sums up the addictive nature of these games. I downloaded Doodle Jump on Justin Burke’s recommendation and I have hardly spoken to my husband for days – but that is another matter!

Here is Ian Mottishead from PMS – he was very impressed with the quantity and calibre of visitor on the first day of the show. PMS have an amazing array of plush from unlicensed to top licences to upcoming characters that most adults will probably not have heard of yet unless they are parents. Ian showed me some retro ranges, such as My Little Pony, Fraggle Rock and Space Invaders. He mentioned some new ranges such as The Cruise (an upcoming film) Star Trek and Forever Friends. If you want an insight into PMS and their fantastic products, visit their website. All their plush is retail quality because as Ian says, customers often want to buy the prizes that they don’t win.

Here are the guys from Kiddy Rides with their Humpty Dumpty ride – they have also got a Peppa Rocket ride and an Olly the little white van ride. Gareth tells me that they are giving out prizes to lucky winners who get their business cards drawn on the last day of the show. So make sure you hot foot it to the stand and leave a couple in their box to increase your chances! (I am not condoning cheating of course!).



Electrocoin welcomed back an old friend at this year’s show in the form of Bar X – can you believe it is nearly 7 years since the last new Bar X model. Vegas Strip – the digital compendium is showing fantastic test results and there has been a lot of retailer interest. Electrocoin also showed a number of interesting amusement pieces including a prize vendor with a semi transparent screen which allows the player to play the game and see the prize at the same time.


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