Bandai Namco unveils All you Need range at EAG


Brent/Namco move into 2013 with an “All You Need” range of 30 top earning products from the strongest international manufacturers: a total of 20 games making their EAG debut, including 9 seen for the first time in Europe and a world exclusive launch of Dead Heat Riders.

This exciting range, encompassing Redemption, Video, Theatre simulators, and Sports games is the culmination of the forward-looking Bandai Namco Games development policy. Extensive test and evaluation procedures in UK and European markets ensure the Namco pedigree is evident before the games come to market.

John Brennan Commercial Director comments, “Showtime in London provides a wonderful opportunity to offer the products for sale that we believe will generate the necessary level of income for our customers during 2013.”

Other games to look out for at EAG include Dark Escape 4D which pushes the boundaries of the horror genre. The horror-themed game features 3D graphics, a heart monitor, surround sound, moving seats and even wind effects in front of and behind the player. “The result is one of the most genuinely frightening video experiences of recent years,” says John Crompton. “Judging from the player and operator reaction at IAAPA this will be one of the biggest titles of 2013.”

Raw Thrills have been responsible for some of the finest games in previous years and EAG 2013 is no exception, complementing the wider range at EAG, Sno Cross is impressing across all territories since an impressive Iaapa launch, also making a UK and European debut is the latest in the hit Big Buck series, Big Buck HD features Hi Def graphics and revitalised game play ensuring this product will hit big in the UK and Europe during 2013.

Namco Europe has also strengthened its redemption offering with the incredible Fun to Win range of machines, created by a dedicated team of some of Namco’s most experienced designers. These games include:
• The innovative Pac-Man Smash air hockey table with multi-puck feature.
• Pac-Man Basket: Pac-Man branded basketball game where players are challenged with different game levels and a moving basket
• Ghost Bowl: a Pac-Man themed roller game with a smaller footprint.
• Rush for Goal: featuring a football themed redemption game where players try to push as many footballs off the playfield as possible
• Triple Drop, a ball drop redemption game where players guide the balls into ticket value tubes
• Ball Spectacular: a ball cascading game, where players must release balls from gates with different ticket values.

For the prize vending sector, Drop the Hook joins Namco’s top sellers, BarBerCut Lite and Dunk Tank Prize, as the newest prize redemption game. Initial results on site tests have been phenomenal.

Namco Prize Europe/Brent Electronic will show its new upgraded range of electronics goods under the new brand of NAM-GEAR at EAG, which includes a new high spec 7” Android 4 Tablet PC featuring front and rear cameras and a highly sensitive screen, a new Netbook PC and Full HD Video camera.
This is complimented by an expanding range of retail quality licensed plush, novelty products as well as branded confectionary.

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Dear export manager ,Happy new year 2013.
please email us your best export prices for all your NEW & USED GAMES
George Dracos

23/01/2013, 11:38

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