Project goes back to poker basics


Project has announced the official launch of Find The Lady – 2 Card Gamble, a model which it believes is on course to be one of the industry’s most successful £70 jackpot poker-based game to date.

Launched as a follow-up to the World of Poker compendium, Project managing director Tony Boulton believes valuable lessons were learned from the performance of its predecessor. He explained: “Our experience with World of Poker, which in itself was a strong game, identified a number of important factors which we felt had stopped it from fulfilling its full potential.

“Firstly and most significantly was the player’s requirement to be able to switch stake levels within a game, secondly the regulations restricting repeat wins meant that we changed the gamble feature, which players have responded to very positively.

“The third challenge was find a way to encourage Find The Lady players on 50p/£35 to sample the enhanced Category C game. We addressed this by introducing a new version of our V19 cabinet with a high impact illuminated base – which really lifts the game, giving it a stand-out appeal when sited within a poker themed area. The game has been sited on test for over 20 weeks, generating solid results and good income.”

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