Are we close to a £100 jackpot for Cat C?


The DCMS yesterday released the Triennial Review Consultation and published the Select Committee Response. It agreed with most of the recommendations made by the industry, including a £100 jackpot for Category C machines.

A full table of proposed changes to stakes and prizes was drawn up by BACTA and is included below. FOBTs will not increase in numbers and the maximum odds for these controversial machines have been frozen.

Derek Petrie, President of BACTA told Coin-op Community that there is still a way to go before these proposals become a reality. “This is a consultation and we won’t know the outcome until it ends in three months then the response from the DCMS in another two or three. One positive thing is that the DCMS agree with most of our proposals.”

“There will be a three month timetable and we are discussing with DCMS where further evidence is required,” said BACTA’s Leslie Macleod-Miller. “It will be critical to understand how Treasury would view these changes and the impact upon the MGD rate for Category D.

“In relation to the response to the Select Committee report, there is little real comment, other than to note that the recommendation from the Select Committee to increase the number of B2 machines in bookmakers has been rejected.”

In relation to the Triennial Review the detail is set out in the consultation document and there are four options.  The Government’s recommendation is as follows:

Category B1 – £5 stake (industry recommendation) but maximum subject to player tracking and further recommendations from Gambling Commission

Category B2 – no change, but there is a call  for evidence of why the Government should act. Note the action on B2 will not follow the same timetable as the Triennial

Category B3 – no change, ie the Government states that as B3s have recently changed, there is no evidence for an increase in prize at this stag

Category B3A – agree with industry proposal to increase stake to £2

Category B4 – agree with industry proposal to increase to £2/£2.50

Category C – agree with industry proposal to increase prize to £100

Category D (non-monetary prize) – agree to increase stake to £2 but to limit non-monetary prize to £60

Category D (pushers) – agree with industry proposal ie 20p /£20 (combined cash and non-cash where limit is £10 cash)

Category D (monetary prize) -  agree to 20p stake but restrict maximum prize to £6

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