Namco Electronics go up a NAM-GEAR


Namco Prize Division has launched a new range of electronics with an upgraded spec. and a new brand name: NAM-GEAR.

“We enjoyed phenomenal success with the KYOTO range of electronic prizes, because the market had never seen such sophisticated products at such an affordable price before,” says James Anderson, General Manager of Namco Prize Europe. “However, it wasn’t long before our competitors were also selling electronic goods and using similar brand names.”

With the launch of the Namco Prize Division in the US, the group decided to create a global brand for its electronic prizes with the name NAM-GEAR

“NAM-GEAR is more than just a new name, it also reflects a higher specification of products,” says James. “With the addition of the US market, we have an even greater purchasing power and we are using this to ensure that all NAM-GEAR electronic products are of the best possible quality, while retaining the same incredibly low prices for the industry.”   

The first few NAM-GEAR branded products are already available and include an upgraded version of the incredibly popular tablet computer. This version features the same responsive five-point touchscreen that can be found on the industry’s most popular mobile devices. It has cameras front and back, a USB connector and micro SD Memory card point, 1080 full HD playback via HDMI Port and 4GB storage. It runs off Google’s Android 4.0 operating system, which the industry analyst IDC recently reported could be found in 75% of the 181.1 million shipments of smart phones and devices during the third quarter of 2012.

The hugely popular HD video camera is also back in an upgraded format. With its own case, the camera can charge from USB but also comes with a battery. It features 1080 full HD playback and adaptable plugs for UK and Europe.

“No detail has been overlooked in the presentation of these products,” says James. “We have packaged them in retail-style, anti-glare matte boxes with the cable ties already fitted, so that they can be easily hung from prize vendors. There will be further products and NAM-GEAR branded machine artwork available shortly.”

To see the range of NAM-GEAR branded products visit the Bandai Namco stand number 530 at EAG.


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my granddaughter who is 8 yrs old won one of these from a machine and it is fantastic , i use it just as much as her she is the envy of all her pals

donna leslie
13/03/2013, 21:19

will not hold wifi

29/03/2013, 12:14

Hi Alfie – I have passed on your comments to Namco and they will be in touch directly

03/04/2013, 15:59

My daughter won one of these from a machine at the weekend – sadly the tablet will not boot up the operating system, so is not at all useable.

No address to send back to, but will be emailing Nam Gear to see what we can do…

24/06/2013, 08:06

See above comment – a quick call to Nam Co who advised to take the unit back to the arcade where it was won – the staff there where happy to replace and my daughter is really pleased with the tablet.

Great customer service from Nam Co and AMF Bowling staff.

Nam Co also responded to my email, so thanks again.

26/06/2013, 09:08

i won 1 of these yesterday and it wont charge up

29/07/2013, 07:26

I will send your details to Namco and they will deal with it directly
all the best


31/07/2013, 07:37

I won one of these about a week ago and I did the 6 hours charge before using it and it won’t turn on properly it just shows the android sign constantly :/

24/08/2013, 17:35

Dear Natt – I have forwarded your query to Namco who will be in touch – all best Steph

28/08/2013, 09:44

my partner has just won one and its brilliant no problems and has linked 2 wifi straight away bargin 4 a £1

katie davies
02/12/2013, 19:14

I have a nam-gear tablet and the charger is broke, can anybody tell me where in the UK I can purchase one from, your help would be appreciated Thanks

David Handley
06/02/2014, 20:53

Well I have had no luck in getting a replacement battery charger, I have emailed Namco a few times now a had no response what so ever, so if your charger pack’s up your tablet is no good to you.

David Handley
03/03/2014, 11:56

I would like to thank namco & nevllle dinham for my replacement charger, they not only sent one but two chargers & a usb lead, once again thank you very much, much appreciated.

David Handley
06/03/2014, 17:05

I am very pleased that this has been sorted out, David. All the best – Steph

10/03/2014, 11:31

Won’t load up past android on his back done reset still not booting up

David Wright
17/03/2014, 14:48

Hi David – I have forwarded your comment to Namco and they will respond to you directly
all the best

19/03/2014, 10:15

Would love to thank Neville Dinham for my charger…. You made me a very happy woman. I adore my tablet and use it more than my phone so i am VERY pleased to receive help to carry on using it. Thank you :-D

Sally Eastwood
22/04/2014, 17:38

Hi Sally – I have passed your comment on to Neville who will be really happy to hear you are so pleased. All best – Steph

23/04/2014, 12:31

Hi, i also have a namco tablet the same as the one above but i cant seem to get hold of a new charger. The one i currently have has stopped working. Please help?!

23/04/2014, 18:20

Someone help please!?

I won a Nam-Gear g40w phone today and already I can’t open it cos the pattern lock got stuck. It won’t accept what I try to “draw”, I mean there are two dots it won’t connect, no matter how much I try. The crazy thing is that it connects these two dots if I draw them in different order so I guess the screen can’t be broken. What to do, any ideas pls?

Maria Raudanpää
25/04/2014, 23:20

Won one of these last night and it won’t boot up.

It’s had a full charge but robot is not playing ball.

The flashing haze just travels around his body and I have reset it numerous times. Can anyone please advise on who I may be able to contact. I won it in a pub so I’m not sure they will be that bothered but if you think it’s worth taking back then so be it. Just unsure what to do.

Many thanks to anyone that responds.

Phil & Claire

11/05/2014, 08:07

Hi Phil and Claire – I have passed your message on to Neville at NAM-GEAR who will be in touch shortly
all the best


14/05/2014, 11:17

Help! Won a tablet yesterday. When charging light is red then when I turn it on it goes green but nothing comes on the screen. Shall I take it back to bowling alley where I won it or am I missing something? Please help.

12/05/2014, 13:28

Hi Helen – I have passed your comment on to Neville at NAM-GEAR who will help you
all the best


14/05/2014, 11:15

just wondering if these tablets can update at all??

Jason Thompson
United Kingdom
07/06/2014, 16:31


09/06/2014, 18:00

Hi there I won a tablet yesterday but when taking pictures I can’t switch screens to take them it only takes selfies how do I change screens?

Shirley Claffey
10/08/2014, 18:30

Please can someone tell me how much these tablets are to buy? Nam gear Tablet 07h2 thanks

15/08/2014, 13:42

My son won a nam gear NDC 50V0 camera last week. It worked for a day, then it won’t turn on. Have bought brand new high powered batteries and tried them and still nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Won’t turn on at all, all I get is a quick flash of the blue light, then nothing! Thanks

United Kingdom
20/08/2014, 16:43

My grandson won one yesterday and was so overcome with excitement. Only to find out when he got home it does not work. Charged it up for 6 hours and it keeps saying to boot up and sticks on little robot. What do we do?

June Mitchell
06/09/2014, 19:34

Hi June – I have passed your comment on to the supplier – kind regards Steph

08/09/2014, 10:49

I have experienced the exact same issue with the tablet not booting – the device shows the android sign constantly. Any advice to resolve would be much appreicated.

09/09/2014, 13:05

Won one of the 7 inch tablet and it has google play and it will not let me download anything from the google play store and I even linked my google account to it.

James Anderson
27/09/2014, 16:37

Its says google is not supported by this device

James Anderson
27/09/2014, 16:38

i won a nam gear tb07e out of the machine but the touch doesnt work properly then freezes and stays stuck frozen have to wait till power dies before recharging to get maybe 2 or 3 toches before it freezes again also screen goes fuzzy and very hot when charging

sa gunzales
13/10/2014, 21:45

This has been passed on to Namco who will contact you directly

15/10/2014, 08:43

Hi just wondering if i can buy replacement battery for my nam gear pa7807 tablet

20/11/2014, 15:02

Hi there, I won this tablet on the first go and I am really pleased with it! Unfortunately , the screen has cracked in the corner and I can’t find where to get the right one to replace it. Also I need to get a new charger. Please help me . regards jake

ross on wye
05/12/2014, 08:17

Hi Jacob – I will forward your message to Namco and they will be in touch

10/12/2014, 11:18

turn the tablet on,will not load up. just showing beans in the jar.
Modell TB-07E’

dennis rose
10/12/2014, 15:35

Won nam gear tablet charged it and it’s stuck on nam gear screen help me .I’ve tried reset button what will make this work ! It’s a Christmas present toi

Angela french
United Kingdom
15/12/2014, 14:05

won this in a pub other week wrapped it up for my daughter for her bday turnt on turnt it off now the thing wont boot up :/ been charged fully also

Jason Martin
30/12/2014, 14:16

Won a nam gear G40C phone and the camera says there is a problem with mediatek. Everything else works I just can’t access the camera…..solution please

jade henderson
25/01/2015, 01:45

My screen on the tablet is cracked does anyone know where i can buy a new screen or a repair shop that fixes these kind of tablets,

Jack Willmore
16/02/2015, 12:53

Or does anyone know how to fix the touch screen since it doesnt seem to be working since I cracked the screen.

Jack Willmore
16/02/2015, 13:00

I won a nam gear s18 at the weekend have put it on charger and it does not do anything wil not tuen on. What do I do?

Keelin Ohagan
16/03/2015, 19:13

Hi – I have forwarded your query to Bandai Namco and they will respond to you directly
all the best


17/03/2015, 16:03

My son won one of these on Saturday I wouldn’t let him have it straight away until Id looked into how it worked ect! He only got it yesterday and after 1days use the screen isn’t working and is unusable my son is gutted as he spent two years an all his pocket money on tickets romain this from coral island in blackpool no idea what to do as no warranty with the thing!

21/04/2015, 21:43

Hi Helan – I have passed your comments on to Bandai Namco and they will be in touch directly

22/04/2015, 09:13

I won a tablet at AMF bowling on Saturday for a pound works brilliantly love it and it came with a charger,which works perfectly!! What a great tablet it is!!!

26/04/2015, 18:24

I have just got one of these and I am wondering what sort of SD card u need for more space? Would someone be able too tell me ASAP plz. Thanks a lot

27/08/2015, 18:33

My daughter win this on holiday
On the way home she’s put a number password on it and can’t remember it. We sadly didn’t connect it to wifi or email address.
Is there any way of bypassing this and starting again?
I’ve tried rebooting it but still comes up wanting a pass number

Sherrell Seymour
01/09/2015, 18:36

Hi my little brothers charger for his tablet is broken I’m wondering where I could get him a new one?

18/02/2016, 19:57

i have been given one of these but the charger does not fit it where can I get one also a card

28/07/2017, 16:30

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