Namco launches Fun to Win redemption range


When Japanese giant Namco decided to design a redemption range, they took the business of fun very seriously indeed. A team of senior games designers were assigned to the task and they travelled the world to see the best redemption machines on the market in action.

Now the first of the Namco range of redemption titles has been released and it is Spectacular – Ball Spectacular to be precise!

Ball Spectacular is unlike any other redemption game currently available. It has a cascading game play, as balls are released on a vertical play field and must pass through ‘gates’ to release further balls.  As the balls continue on their path downwards they pass through the Point Gate earning tickets, before arriving at the Jackpot Gate, which releases a large number of new balls from the top – for big ticket prizes.

“So many redemption games are simply new versions of the same thing. Ball Spectacular is something totally different and yet it has the important factors required by a hit redemption game – it’s simple yet requires a lot of skill to play – so the replay value is high,” says John Crompton, Regional Sales Manager at Bandai Namco/Brent Sales.

“Most importantly, it is lots of fun, as balls cascade in all directions with lively colours and fun sound effects. This has translated into massive cashbox takings on site test.”

Ball Spectacular is just the first of a series of innovative redemption titles from the dedicated team at Namco in the Fun To Win range.More big games from the big names coming soon!

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