More than 250 personal licences revoked by Commission


The Gambling Commission has revoked more than 250 personal licences in cases where personal licence holders who have held their licences for over five years have failed to pay the maintenance fee.

Since 1 September 2012 more than 800 individuals have paid their maintenance fee and completed a maintenance check form in order to maintain their personal licence. A further 300 have recently surrendered their licence.

An analysis of the cases suggests that a significant number of personal functional licence holders are now resident abroad following a short period of employment in Great Britain. All told 179 personal functional licences and 76 personal management licences have been revoked.

In recent months the Commission widely highlighted the requirement to personal licence holders and wrote to individuals in advance of the due date. Last month the Commission also reminded businesses to take steps to ensure their businesses retain sufficient personal licences to operate.

The Gambling Commission’s Programme Director for Licensing and Compliance, Sharon McNair, said:

“We expected a significant number of revocations after five years and are confident the vast majority of these people are no longer in the industry.

“We would rather people surrendered a dormant licence than allow it to be revoked but it’s almost inevitable that former industry employees retain their licences to the end of the five-year period ‘just in case’. Surrender is possible right up to the point of revocation, but revocation will ultimately result if our reminder letters and communications are not responded to.”

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