Reflex changes game name following Bell-Fruit dispute


Reflex Gaming has decided to change the name of its latest Category C game from Chops & Robbers to Chops & Change.

“We were recently approached by Bell-Fruit Games over the use of our latest machine’s title ‘Chops & Robbers’,” says Reflex Managing Director Quentin Stott. “Bell-Fruit was unhappy about its close association with its ‘Cops & Robbers’ brand, which they have also registered as a trade mark. We have taken the view that our initial dialogue had the potential to become a long and drawn out affair which we wanted to avoid, therefore rather than go through such a process, we have offered to change the title of our machine to, ‘Chops & Change’ a play on the saying ‘chop and change’ which is rather ironic under the circumstances.

“Everything else remains the same. Any purchases of this model will be delivered with the new name. I would like to apologise for any confusion this change creates around the model, however, under the circumstances I’m sure you will agree that this is the best way of resolving the issue whilst also enabling Reflex to maintain its current market momentum,” added Quentin.

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