Gamestec trials ticket payout AWPs


Ticket payouts in the UK are now being trialled by major operators.

Ticket mechanism specialist FutureLogic has its Ticket2Go device fitted to a number of AWP machines in front-line locations with major retailers through Gamestec, a leading operator.

Gamestec, which was recently the subject of acquisition by Austria’s Novomatic group, is believed to be experimenting with tickets in the Marston estate.

And InterGame learns that it will also run tests with Praesepe, the big adult gaming centre operator, which has just been taken over by Germany’s Gauselmann group. Interestingly, FutureLogic’s Ticket2Go will connect with the ticket redemption terminal built by GeWeTe, another Gauselmann subsidiary company.

The main advantage to using ticket payouts is seen to be the system’s ability to overcome the problem of coin hopper starvation. Using bill validators or simply bigger hoppers, is not seen as a total solution to the problem and at the same time increases security risks. Ticket2Go also requires no connection to a network.

By David Snook

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