Lincolnshire police issue machine tampering warning


Amusement arcade operators on the coast are being urged to be vigilant following several reports of machine tampering.

Lincolnshire Police have received reports of  Skill Balls Bingo and Skill Balls Deluxe machines being broken into using a screwdriver. ​As a result the offenders have gained entry to the front of the machines before reaching in and bending the hopper lids up and removing the cash inside.

In a second incident, involving a touch-screen style games machine, offenders were targeting IPUB machines through unknown means, possibly with a mobile phone, and getting them to pay jackpots repeatedly.

The group involved are described as being aged between 20 and 25.

The description of the first of three suspected group members was of a white male of slim build, wearing red/maroon jeans and red/maroon t-shirt which had a white picture on the front.

He was around six-feet tall, with shaved fair hair and a prominent scar on his right inner forearm.

The second suspect was an olive-skinned male, medium build, with black hair who walked with a limp.

The third suspect was a white female who was around five-feet tall and of stocky/fat build with long black hair down to the middle of her back.

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