Make penny machines licence-free


Collectors and restorers of vintage amusement machines have launched a government petition to make pre decimal and collectable coin-operated games exempt from a gaming licence.

“The aim of this petition is to get the gaming laws changed, so that all pre-decimal, antique and collectable slot machines are made exempt from the need to hold a gaming licence for the purpose of buying, selling and owning them,” says Stuart Dale, who runs the popular Penny Machine website (

Please help Stuart and other collectors decriminalize their hobby, Please click on the link and sign their petition, it won’t cost you a penny, not even an old one!

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We now have our own Facebook page …& our own webpage so there are lots of ways to find us on the net, please help us, WE CANT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT!!

Stuart Dale
17/11/2012, 16:29

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