Traveller Shelby takes up place at Oxford


Traveller Shelby Holmes from Towyn, North Wales, will be leaving the family run amusement park where she works part time in order to take up a place at Oxford University.

Shelby achieved two A* in English Literature and religious studies and a B in history. She said, “These type of results are extremely unusual for travellers and to go to any university is very rare for us. My family and my mum have been behind me all the way to go to university and during my exams,’ she said. “I won’t be out celebrating unfortunately, I’m working in the arcade calling the bingo numbers. I’ve been saving money for university and me and my family take fair equipment to the Chester fair and I help build the rides and mind the children all day.”

Shelby travels all over the UK with her family and has set up a fair in St Giles in Oxford several times. “I’ll be moving to Oxford University in October and will still go travelling with my family in winter but not in term time,’ she said. “I am really excited to go to university, I’ve been to Oxford a few times now with the fair, I’ve become quite familiar with it.”


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