Pac-Man plush gets gobbled up!


Namco Prize Division has added new sizes to its range of irresistible Pac-Man plush. There are now 4-inch and 8-inch versions to go alongside the 6-inch range that has already sold out in the UK and Europe.

In the next couple of weeks a giant 18-inch version of the characters will arrive and expectations for this range are understandably high.

The ghosts Binky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde – as well as Pac-Man are of course inspired by the iconic video game, which was launched back in 1979. However, the appeal of both the games and the characters have not diminished over the decades.

“This product has done consistently well throughout Europe since launch and has been in the top three plush products for income in some locations, so it sold out very quickly. I have been taking orders ever since and these are now being shipped out to customers,” says James Anderson, General Manager, Prize Division.

For those who have not already placed their orders for Pac-Man plush, it would be advisable to do so as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Free artwork is available with orders of the range, in order to boost earnings on prize vending and cranes.

For enquiries for the UK, please contact Brent Electronic  and for futher details of individual distributors across Europe get in touch with James Anderson



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