Site Manager gives you second sight


Tony Green, of TMG Leisure found an invaluable tool in fighting crime in his arcade in the form of Site Manager Enterprise from JCA Systems. Last month, it came into its own when a couple was playing an Astra Slotto machine in his Blyth arcade.

“The CCTV looked as if they were playing it correctly and there was no suspicious activity in the arcade,” says Tony. “I wasn’t even on site at the time, I was on holiday but I was looking at the Site Manager Dashboard feature remotely on the system and could see that the players had gained over £600 in credit on the machine. I immediately contacted the staff in the arcade and they intervened and switched off the machine and the fraudsters left in a hurry.”

John Comfort of JCA Systems also ran a report from Site Manager for Tony, showing the fraudulent transactions, which was passed on to the Police. CCTV pictures and a warning were also sent to the press to ensure that the fraudsters did not carry out the same scam on another location.

“Having had this system installed for over a year now I’ve never looked back. I always felt it was a good investment and even more so now. JCA Systems and Hazel Electronics take on board my comments and are always updating the system (which they do remotely). I can’t recommend it enough.”

Contact JCA Systems on 01252 664557 or Hazel Electronics on 01843 866552


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