Reminder to update personal licences


The Gambling Commission is again reminding personal licence holders to update the Commission on any changes to circumstances or key events that could affect their licence.  This is in advance of the first five-year personal licence maintenance fee payments due in September 2012, when the Commission will take the opportunity to complete a five-year maintenance check to ensure that the personal details of licence holders remain accurate.

Personal licence holders will be contacted by the Commission six weeks in advance of the date when their maintenance fee is due, using existing contact details. Payment of the appropriate fee must be made within 30 days of the fifth anniversary of their licence being issued as failure to do so may lead to a personal licence being revoked.

As a condition of their licence, personal licence holders must tell the Commission about any convictions, changes of address, and other key events as they occur. Anyone who has previously failed to inform the Commission of such changes should do so as quickly as possible to help ensure their check is completed as smoothly as possible.

Over 4,500 holders of personal management licences and personal functional licences (the latter in the casino sector only) could be required to complete a check in the year beginning 1 September 2012.

The Commission’s Head of Licensing, Sharon McNair said, “If you’ve held a personal licence since 2007 now is the time to check you’ve kept the Commission informed of any changes to your circumstances. If you fail to pay your maintenance fee on time then your licence may be revoked.”

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