JCA has finger on the dashboard!


JCA Systems was present at the Park Avenue Open Day and showing the latest developments to its Site Manager machine monitoring system. “We have done a lot of work on our dashboard and  now users can see the status of all their machines on site instantly,” said John Comfort. The dashboard shows a “traffic light” system to convey the status of machines and it is also possible to see multiple sites on one map and to tell right away if there is a problem with a machine.

The information can also be accessed remotely and JCA Systems has a number of different black boxes for operators to get their machines linked online to the Site Manager system.

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Having had this system installed for over a year now I’ve never looked back it was a very good investment, and also for years to come. JCA Systems and Hazel Electronics take on board my comments and are always updating the system (Which they do remotely) Another point which saved me money was a fraudster on a B3 machine gained over £600 in credit, it looked on CCTV that they were playing correctly it wasn’t until i used “Dashboard” i noticed the fraud, the staff intervened and switched off the machine, the fraudster then left in a hurry. I was away on holiday at the time, and all this was all done remotely from miles away. Fantastic product good investment. Tony Green (TMG Leisure)

Mr Green
24/06/2012, 15:21

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