Namco releases Dead Heat


Namco has taken creative inspiration from a long line of successful complex video racers to develop a muscle-bound street driving game suitable for players of all abilities at a wide variety of locations. Due to hit European streets from December, Dead Heat incorporates a number of social networking features designed to encourage heated four-wheel exchanges even when players go solo.

PIN code entry and a Nam-Cam photo avatar – popularised by Mario Kart Arcade GP2 – personalises each car, giving instant recognition of competing drivers in the field. Meanwhile, Namco’s patented software technology analyses driving styles and accurately mimics registered ‘ghost’ drivers, allowing other drivers to race against absent opponents. Repeat play between two or more players will be automatically registered, creating new friend networks. Cars are powered by Nitrous Oxide Systems with first-time PIN registrants rewarded with bonus NOS bottles, encouraging extended play.

Players select from eight customisable street cars and race against four competitors around four painstakingly detailed real cities, New York, London, San Francisco and Chicago, all rendered in superb HD on a 32-inch LCD panel. As the name suggests, head-to-head races are always closely fought battles, with adrenaline-soaked final stages building up to a Dead Heat climax. A socially accelerating driving game at which any player can excel at every level.

For details of how to buy Dead Heat and a video of the gameplay see our Products and video player sections on this website

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