More notes in your cashbox? Good idea!


In order to utilise the full capacity of a cashbox in a host machine, AstroSystems Ltd have introduced a new peripheral device that increases the number of bank notes that can be stored inside an existing cashbox.  The External Drive simply snaps onto the housing of the GBA ST2 note acceptor and pushes notes into the cashbox with more force.  The device is fitted with a clutch system to ensure notes can only be pushed outward from the acceptor, whilst an additional component can be fitted to direct the accepted bank notes downwards.

Steve Priest, “Following discussions with a number of customers, we have developed the External Drive as a “bolt on” to the GBA ST2 stacker-less note acceptor unit, for applications where the cash box is small or space behind the note acceptor is tight.  In testing, the External Drive has consistently increased the capacity of a cashbox by over 30%, with the added benefit of preventing notes from becoming stuck in the note chute.   

For more information on the GBA ST2 or the GBA range of bank note validators, please visit ,, or email

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