Captivator 360 – Sound solution to keep customers in pubs


Sound Leisure reports its latest product ‘Captivator 360’ is drawing massive interest from retailers, operators and customers well outside the company’s traditional sector.

‘Captivator-360’ is an innovative, discreet casing solution that cleverly houses an Xbox 360® games console and Kinect™ sensor securely behind any standard flat panel screen. The patent pending solution provides a vandal proof controllerless gaming console which can be quickly installed by a single engineer, providing a secure housing for the console and supporting equipment.

Sound created the solution which will be sold through its SLKids division, in direct response to ongoing discussions with leading retailers who are eager to introduce new concepts in to a variety of venues.

SL’s Mike Black commented “Over the past 12 months the growth of the SLKids division of Sound Leisure has been amazing, especially given the general trading conditions. Captivator-360 fits perfectly with our ‘Customers who play, stay’ concept which is working well with our customers.

Initially envisaged as an addition to the SLKids range of commercial children’s play equipment aimed at 4 to 12 year olds, Sound have been amazed by Captivators ability to engage a much wider customer demographic.

Black commented “Because the solution is free to play and very easy to use, the customer decision making process is much simpler than with traditional games. We are seeing this translate through to really impressive customer engagement, including ‘hard to reach’ groups such as females and the forties to fifties age group. By encouraging these groups to stay in venues longer we can bring huge benefits to businesses.”

At a recent retailer event where Sound we’re asked to exhibit equipment, the Captivator-360 was surrounded by a group of 25 area and site managers of different ages and genres, playing tennis and golf during the lunch time break. Black said “ All sorts of people we’re queuing up and taking jackets, ties and shoes off so they could try it out, it was fantastic. It became a real focus for the event with lots of people enjoying watching others play and laughing along with them. Pretty much everyone in the room took part over a period of about an hour. I can’t recall a response to a product like that in years!”

Sound Leisure have a patent pending for Captivator concept, which is designed to be compatible with any standard flat panel screen with a standard VESA bracket from 32” – 60”. Key consideration in the development of the casing was to ensure ease of installation and ongoing use. The installation is quick and straight forward requiring only one person. SL Kids manager, Nick Chandler commented. “All you need is a 240v mains supply and the whole unit can be up and running within an hour. “

Sound are taking orders for the Captivator – 360 now with production beginning in mid June.

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