SL Kids awarded Marstons contract


SL Kids, a division of Sound Leisure, has been awarded the contract to supply children’s play equipment to Marston’s Two for One public houses underlining Marston’s focus on families by offering a children’s entertainment area in each location.

“This is a fantastic commitment from Marston’s and a great order for SL Kids. This latest order continues the strong relationship that we have built with Marston’s over the years. Our commercial grade kids equipment is attractive, durable and innovative and we have further new products in the pipeline, which we expect will have a huge impact on the sector,” said Sound Leisure Managing Director Chris Black.

“SL Kids was chosen for the wide range and robust nature of its products, along with the fact that it is a division of Sound Leisure, with whom Marston’s have had a long established relationship, built on trust, service and support,” added James Coxon, Group Machines and Compliance Manager at Marston’s.

Additionally, following a trial of SL Kids’ products throughout 2011, SL Kids and Marston’s signed a further agreement to supply additional play systems into a number of other branded outlets that are being refurbished throughout the year.


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Well done, Sound Leisure, your opened minded attitude and creativity in our industry is a credit to that industry, and should be used as an example by others who feel only doom and gloom in these tough times we are going through..

Your actions and that of Marston’s show that we must look farther into what is needed to generate income and not just sit and cry in such trying times, We must remember what happened during World War II when as a beaten and written off nation we rose to future glories, Remember Dunkirk ?.

It also shows that there is a strong market generated from the 7-12 year old’s who are not only our future consumers but are already our consumers.

Good luck, Eddie, Alan and Chris.


Freddy Bailey
03/05/2012, 12:49

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