Thomas Automation Ceases Trading


Thomas Automation, the Loughborough-based money-handling specialist, has ceased trading this week.

The status of the company remains unclear as this report was put together this morning, but our understanding is that the company is going into liquidation.

Thomas is a substantial producer of money processing equipment for vending, fee collections and ticketing. It has been in business for over 40 years and was started by Jimmy Thomas to produce changer machines for mainly amusement locations. It was sold on many years ago and its directors are currently listed as Mark Edmundson, Alan McCourt and K. M. Lloyd.

The company’s website shows that it has 20,000 pieces of equipment in daily use in 80 countries.

by David Snook

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Dear administrator,

I would like to register as a creditor.

During a visit to an amusement arcade in Scunthorpe sometime in June 1989, I entered a one pound coin into a Thomas change machine and only received nine 10 pence coins in return.

On pointing this out to the manager, one Vera Hepplethwaite, I was told to write to the manufacturer of said change machine because ‘really, there’s nothing she could do’

Since that time, and with regrettable remiss on my part, I have clean forgotten to claim back my 10p. However, on seeing the lamentable news of the company’s demise, I thought it timely to bring this to your attention.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely

Liam Olliff

Liam Olliff
22/11/2011, 14:36

still haven’t heard anything….

liam olliff
11/02/2015, 18:27

Dear Liam – thank you for bringing this serious matter to my attention. I shall be sure to look into it for you and report back

Coin-Op Community
11/02/2015, 18:45

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