Owen Taylor of Cleethorpes slams MGD


Owen Taylor, owner of arcades Taylor Made Fun, Mint and Kingpin in Cleethorpes has told local press This is Grimsby that MGD will stifle innovation in coin-op product and stop growth in the industry as it will force arcades to open seasonally.

In the article Taylor  claims that arcades will be hit unfairly hard compared to online betting companies, which take up to £2billion a year with “virtually no overheads”.

He said: “This bad legislation groups us with the multi-million pound betting companies, which is not fair. The recession has already hit the industry hard.

“Even if we invest before February, we rely on innovative new products, and companies will eventually stop creating them for an industry that is struggling.”

His son and business partner Bronson said it encourages amusement companies to “tread water” rather than invest in the future.

“We want to invest in the area but now, everything we buy will effectively cost us 20 per cent more”, he said.

Mr Taylor, also vice-president for the British Amusement Caterers Trade Association, who have been lobbying against the change, also criticised the government’s consultation process.

“They consulted us about the change but did not tell us the rate that MGD would be charged at.

“How could we tell them what effect it would have without a figure?

“It was always supposed to be tax neutral and not cost us any more, but at 20 per cent, we will definitely be paying a larger tax bill.”

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