Gambling Commission reduces fees for arcades


The Gambling Commission has published an information note which summarises the proposed changes made to fees which, subject to parliamentary approval, will come into effect on 6 April 2012.

Adult gaming centre, family entertainment centre, bingo and general betting (standard) operators in fee categories A and B will have annual fees reduced by 7%, reflecting the reduced regulatory focus on such smaller operators.

There will be reduced fees for licence applications made e.g. to continue a business following the death of a sole trader or to change the legal entity of a licensed operator, and reduced fees for certain applications for changes of corporate control.

Larger adult gaming centre, family entertainment centre, bingo and general betting (standard) operators, those in the existing fee categories D and E, will see a fee increase averaging 10%.

This increase is to recover the costs of increased regulatory efforts focussed on higher impact issues and operators. There will be some individual licensed operators subject to larger increases (between 12% and 29% for category E general betting (standard) operators, where subdivisions to fee bands account for up to two-thirds of the change in annual fees).

The vast majority of licensed operators will next be required to pay their annual fees in September 2012.

Further information will be published on the Commission’s website prior to the proposed changes to fees coming into effect on 6 April 2012. Licensed operators with further questions can contact the Commission in the usual way or by phone on 0121 230 6666.

Read the information note:
Information note proposed changes to Gambling Commission licence fees – March 2012

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