Interest is strong in Namco/Brent video pre-Easter


Namco Europe/Brent, is reporting a resurgence of interest in its video range. Pre-Easter sales have been strong for the company and this is not surprising given the quality of titles currently on offer.

Dead Heat, Deadstorm Pirates, Pacman Royale Deluxe, Pacman Arcade Party, Dirty Driving, Super Bikes and Terminator Salutation, are currently among the top-performing games on the market.

We have three different driving games at the moment, Deadheat, Dirty Drivin’ and Super Bikes 2, and they all stretch player expectations in different ways,” says John Brennan. 

Deadheat is Namco’s own competitive racing game, which features Street Racing through different cities with an explosively competitive finish in every game.  

Raw Thrills Dirty Drivin, has 14 outrageous tracks, 10 wild rides and 100’s of awesome Off Road vehicle upgrades set in stunning Off Road environments.

Super Bikes, also by Raw Thrills, the latest thrilling motorcycle simulator now has 12 all new super charged bikes, 9 revamped riders, adding further depth are new biker moves and short cuts to encourage repeat play.  Super Bikes is without a doubt the only plausible bike game out at the moment. All three appeal extensively to players everywhere, attract repeat play while proving to operators the benefit of their investment”.

Alongside this continued success, Namco are receiving increasing interest in new genres opening new markets and attracting players to Video Games.

The latest addition to the pack is Pacman Battle Royale which has flown off the charts since it was let loose on the market back in December 2010. One of the greatest things about Pac-Man Battle Royale Deluxe is that it offers an outstanding attraction at about the floor space size of a twin driving game. Nowhere else can get this much punch packed into this small of a package. When a player walks into a location it is almost impossible to miss the large monitor and glowing neon lights.

Pacman Arcade Party is available in 3 different formats, Coin operated or for home use, a nifty cabaret or cocktail cabinet is made available. The game includes an impressive 12 vintage games all in one retro styled package.

Deadstorm Pirates and Terminator Salvation complete this diverse and exciting range. Deadstorm Pirates a fully immersive piratical adventure in a dedicated 2 seat video simulator cabinet offers players a Hollywood style thrill and spills experience.

Raw Thrills, Terminator Salvation, exclusively distributed throughout UK and Europe by Brent Sales/Namco Europe is the undisputed Number one game of it’s kind, generating high revenues week after week.

John Brennan adds, “Namco / Brent supply the strongest performing driving and shooting games, alongside original and innovative products the like of Pacman Battle Royal, and, Pacman Arcade Party games that break the mold and offer a new innovative approach for players.  As a company we are entirely conscience that these Video Games Machines have to be the very best in terms of performance and income, we are certain with this range that Brent/Namco provide the best for return on investment for operators and the most satisfying game play for players, ensuring success.”

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