Three new redemption games from Namco


Bandai Namco is releasing three new redemption games into the market this Spring in a bid to establish new winning concepts into the market.

Cascading Balls, the first in an enterprising new range from Bandai Namco Games, has been developed in direct response to requests for quality ticket games from operators in the UK and Europe.  Original game play consists of skilful release of balls to make the most of the river course. Drop the balls down the river rapids, hit the gates and collect points… points award tickets, hit the large targets to release many more Cascading balls.  Mammoth cascade of balls awarded for smart play makes this new game a stand out product.

Jungle Jackpot, is a reworked classic that has proven top income, in the busiest locations.  Creatively re-designed for today’s market, combining fantastic play appeal and player loyalty for all ages, 100% strategy and skill with many features such as: Simple game play, multi-coin, multi-jackpot, multi-balls, multi-multi games and multi-strategy, players can win up to 4 jackpots!  Tested thoroughly in the UK prior to release to prove game appeal and technical standards.

Space Ballz, is out of this world!  A huge impact arcade centrepiece, Space Ballz features a short movietrailer in which the main character ‘Dean-O’ the monkey, introduces the game and encourages the player to help him refuel his space ship. The object of the game is for the player to time the release of a ball in order to try and win the Space Ballz Bonus, or more tickets. The player releases the ball by pushing the large plasma button on the control panel and if a player successfully gets the ball into the Bonus Hole, they will win more balls and many more tickets! There are over 3,000 multi-colour LED’s used in the cabinet and the game features a 32” LCD monitor that displays game information.

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