JPM distributors busy at EAG


JPM’s UK distributors were kept busy at EAG International Expo, presenting JPM’s latest analogue games for the UK Category C/£70  and B4 markets.

Both RLMS and Wessex Coin experienced strong interest in JPM’s new games and reported that buyers appreciated JPM’s commitment to analogue product at a time of uncertainty within the marketplace.

Wessex Coin’s Chris Skelly (pictured) was very happy with the response at AEG International Expo: “The show delivered serious buyers and interest was high, with many keen to discuss JPM’s new Category C developments for 2012. Category B4  Al Murray’s All Hail To The Ale attracted prolonged play on the stand and is proving to be a strong seller,” revealed Chris.

Phil Boulton, Managing Director of RLMS sales was equally positive: “We’ve worked with JPM virtually since time began! It’s encouraging to see that JPM’s development plans include engaging licensed concepts such as Al Murray The Pub Landlord, reflected in the current Al Murray’s All Hail To The Ale, fully switchable Category B4 .

“We believe that there is a real opportunity for those manufacturers who remain committed to the analogue genre of product and we’re in the process of closing leads received at the show,” confirmed Phil.

JPM is currently celebrating its fortieth year of games development for the UK and international gaming markets.

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It is encouraging to see companies like JPM supporting the traditional “Street Operator”,

It is only when companies like JPM stand up and be counted, that gives the industry hope that there are still real British companies that have not “Sold out” and continues to support the smaller operator in their time of need.

Let this be a tribute to the JPM founder my old friend the late Jack Jones, who I first met during his apprenticeship under Maurice Collins at ACE.

Freddy Bailey
27/02/2012, 05:14

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