Exclusive Branded Merchandise Kits from Namco


Following extensive market research and testing, Namco Europe has designed exclusive branded merchandise kits for its whole range of prize vending machines.

The kits include bespoke artwork and innovative prizes that guarantee repeat play. Results have shown that on average income levels have quadrupled due to the above additions to these market-leading machines.

“The combination of interesting, more expensive, more longed-for prizes, along with eye catching artwork emphasizing these well known branded products, provides clearer messages of how and what you will win, and motivates players to play again and again,” says Namco’s Stephanie Harding.

“Barbercut Lite, Clenaflex and Dunk Tank Prize, have proved to be the most popular games introduced over the past few years in to this sector. The intensive focus on the partnership between great game play and innovative prizes that players repeat play for, continuously proves popular with players of all ages and consequently with operators!” she adds.

The latest range of desirable prizes from Namco include the KYOTO Electronic range; tablet computers, camcorders and digital cameras, giant confectionary such as the 4.5Kg Toblerone, 1kg Cadbury bars, Mega Chupa Chups and a variety of larger scaled branded sweets. These include large Refreshers, Drumsticks, Sherbert, and Love hearts.  Original licensed merchandise including Shaun the Sheep, Ben10 (from cartoon network), and the exciting new Namco range of Pac-Man Plush figures, complete an impressive lineup, toguarantee machine incomes are kept to the highest level.

“This synergy between the machine and prize divisions of Namco Europe has recently stimulated takings on Dunk Tank Prize to unprecedented levels following the addition of Toblerone and Electronic sections into machines from all over the UK.  With the prize division only expanding with further interesting products; there is a forecast for continuous success!” concludes James Anderson, head of the prize division.



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