Senior Namco team to create redemption games


Bandai Namco is releasing its first ever range of own-brand redemption games in the New Year. A team of respected games designers in Japan have been picked to create the range of machines and have worked closely with subsidiaries in Europe, to find out what makes redemption so popular with players.

“This is a very senior team of designers, who have been given the task of going back to basics to design the perfect redemption game,” says Namco’s John Brennan. “There is not one designer under the age of 50 and they have all headed up their own departments within the company. Yet they are so excited to try and create something really innovative for this sector.”

The first of these new redemption games will be on show at the EAG in January. In the meantime, the offices of Bandai Namco Europe will be overrun by Pac Man in the weeks leading up to Christmas. James Anderson’s prize division is putting the finishing touches to a range of quality Pac Man plush, while a new four-player Pac Man video game will be arriving in the next couple of weeks. “There will be a lot more than just Pac Man at EAG, but we are certainly having a Pac Man moment,” says Brennan. “There is something so timeless about the brand that appeals to players of all ages and we expect a very positive reaction to these new developments.”

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Maybe it’s time for some new pinball machines from Namco?

John Popadiuk

John Popadiuk
Zidware Pinball Chicago
15/12/2011, 03:53

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