Irish Government formulates online regulations


The Irish government is set to follow the UK in introducing greater protection for online players. There are proposals to tighten controls on the use of credit cards including a ‘due diligence test’ on players in a twelve hour gap between their registration and permission to participate in any kind of gambling.

This attempt to clamp down on under-18s using their parent’s credit card to play would of course place the burden of responsible gaming squarely on the shoulders of the operators. In addition, the Irish proposals include provision to require players to provide online confirmation of their age and identity.

In another indication that the Irish government is concerned with underage gambling, new legislation slated for next year is also expected to include restrictions on advertising, which portrays online gaming as glamorous or fashionable. Irish authorities are hoping to give some teeth to these proposals with a parallel introduction of severe fines and prison sentences to those operators who fail to comply with the law. However, as the recent American clampdown has shown, there are plenty of operators who are willing to risk flouting the law in the face of heavy punishment, given the significant rewards that the industry has to offer.


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