JayBox presents new features to IOA


 Service managers from ten IOA companies attended a meeting at the offices of Innovative Technology in Oldham last week, where they got to see some of the new developments which JayBox have been putting together over the last two years.

Top of the list of new features was the Multi-function Control Board, (MCB), which offers a new Pre-Amp PCB, designed to run four inputs including mic and TV, each of which can be set for to up to four channels, via an on-screen display. In addition to this, JayBox announced a new partitioned SATA hard drive which holds a mirror copy of the operating system, which can be activated on site to repair the hard drive and restore machine to full service, without the cost and delay of ordering a replacement.

“JayBox have certainly spent a lot of time listening to their customers over the years and we’re delighted to see the new developments which result from this.” said Kevin Astley, Group Service Manager, Bob Rudd Leisure. “We also learned that JayBox will offer a USB hard drive repair which can be used on all our existing machines and will save time and money.”

Among those attending the meeting were Graham Wylie of Prize Coin Equipment who commented “We have always been impressed with the quality of the tech support we get from JayBox – they work very hard to find solutions to the problems which we come up against on sites.”

Alex Shepherd, JayBox Network Manager, told the meeting that he was completing  a remote back-office access to machines for all operators – JayBox Live Access. “This will allow engineers to go online and see key information which will assist in diagnosing problems as well as anticipating likely problems. At this stage, this is only one-way, but we are moving towards developing the means for engineers to actually effect changes to settings remotely, although we have still have some security issues to resolve before we can offer this.”

Included in the new MCB functionality is a LED coin monitor which will be mounted inside the cash box door. The PCB in the MCB will also store all the coin data, as well as this being stored on the hard drive, so that this data is truly secure. “We raised an issue with JayBox on the question of cash box records, especially for our managed sites, and we are very pleased to see this new feature.” said Neil Simmonds, General Manger, Petron Amusements.

The presentation was something of a family event for JayBox with both Graham Bolderson, Managing Director, and his wife Sharon attending, as well as their son Phil. Sharon manages the JayBox music repertoire while Phil is Commercial Manager.

“There is a family quality to this company which we regard as a strength.” said Kevin Astley. “We have this in Bob Rudd Leisure and there’s no doubting that this is an asset.”

Graham Bolderson (MD, JayBox) and Richard Elsy, talking with a couple of the IOA service managers

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