Guardian comes out in support of AMLD


Billy and Elliot Ball of Clacton Pier were quoted in Zoe Williams’ excellent article on the Machine Games Duty threat to seaside arcades this week. Ms. Williams wrote, ”

“Bearing in mind they (arcades) still pay all the normal taxes that a corporation would pay, this extra layer seems punitive. There’s a perception among arcaders that the Inland Revenue assumes, because they’re cash-run businesses, that a lot of the takings aren’t declared (“Not true,” Ball says).

There also seemed to be a subtext to the Gambling Act that punters are taxed like smokers: out of proportion to the item’s value, to give the message that society can’t stop you, but wishes you wouldn’t. Playing on the machines is very different to smoking, though, as John, the bingo caller, explains: “These aren’t people who would gamble normally – it’s a holiday thing.”

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