GReaT will conclude GamCare helpline negotiations


The GREaT Foundation (GREaT) has agreed with the Responsible Gambling Fund (RGF) to step in and conclude negotiations with GamCare regarding a National Gambling Helpline. This follows RGF’s decision to terminate its funding agreement with GREaT as of 31 March 2012.
Marc W. Etches – Chief Executive of GREaT – said:  ”Given the current circumstances, we have agreed with RGF to take over the negotiations with GamCare regarding a National Gambling Helpline directly, and have committed to reaching agreement for a minimum two-year contract by 30 September 2011.  In conducting these negotiations we will consider carefully all the conditions RGF has previously stipulated and all the available evidence.”
Etches added: “On behalf of all concerned, GREaT will ensure that any future contract will be demanding of GamCare in terms of its future competitiveness, transparency, and value for money, and will expect commitment to both empirical evaluation and continuous improvement.”
Neil Goulden – Chairman of GREaT – said:  ”GREaT’s trustees are pleased that our offer to intervene in the negotiations has been accepted by RGF.  A National Gambling Helpline is an important element of the support infrastructure for those that experience problems with their gambling.  However, it is equally important that the industry that volunteers to fund it should be satisfied that their donations are spent wisely, deliver value for money and maximise effective outcomes for those who require care and support.”

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