Howell Confirms FatSpanner Board


Roy Howell Chairman of FatSpanner this week responded to the sad news of further job losses at a major competitor.

We would advise our client base that FatSpanner took extreme cost cutting action back in 2010 when we recognized that SWP income was declining rapidly and were proactive in reducing our business costs to suit the shape of the business moving forward.

As a result FatSpanner is in very good shape and my appointment followed by Clive Barrett becoming C.E.O has galvanised the business both internally and externally.

Today I can announce the final board restructure that positions FatSpanner for the future.

  • David Ash becomes Development Director
  • Alfio Monterosso becomes New Business Director
  • Paul Slavin becomes Online Content Director

Our strategy is evolving rapidly and will stand us and our customers in good stead for the future.

We are very aware of the operating sectors difficulties and the fact that 20,000+ SWP units of various models and manufacture cannot be allowed to sit idle in WAREHOUSES.

The retailer will quite rightly expect to continue receiving income from these products albeit at about 50% of twelve months ago.

Our focus is therefore to assist the operator by reducing his cost of operation wherever possible.

We decided some time ago to divert useless marketing spend into development and to that end we will shortly be coming to market with a number of Cat C products that will turn a low earning SWP into a high earning Cat C product that really does look  like a AWP.

We have been very busy visiting our clients to get a clear view of their requirements rather than giving them products that inevitably failed.

We have also ensured our product support function is the best in the sector and remains directly under the control of FatSpanner.

It is increasingly obvious that the current SWP business model is unsuitable and we will be helping our customers by ensuring that their business capital assets can have a longer more profitable life.

In conclusion FatSpanner is very confident in its ability to improve our customer’s performance by reducing operating costs and moving into new markets.

We have a clear strategy and business principals that will see FatSpanner grow strongly in late 2011 and 2012.

Roy Howell

Chairman – FatSpanner Limited

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