Games Warehouse Restructures


UK-based Games Warehouse has embarked upon an internal restructure aimed at improving levels of support for existing Paragon SWP customers while actively branching out and pursuing new areas for the business.

Commenting on this announcement, Mike Maas, group CEO of parent company AMI Entertainment, said: “The success of Games Warehouse is essential within the overall AMI strategy and both the US and UK teams are totally committed to maintaining stability and continuity through the second half of 2011 and targeting strong growth during 2012.”

Most immediately visible of the changes on the way is the decision by Keith Healey to step down as company chairman and take semi-retirement with effect from July 31. However, Healey’s vast industry knowledge and experience will not be lost to the business as he will retain a part-time role as a board advisor.

Company founder Andy Powell has also announced his intention to leave the business and will relinquish the position of managing director at the end of this year. Thereafter, he too will remain involved with Games Warehouse in a part-time advisory capacity.

Finally among the board-level changes, technical director Neil Spence will shift his focus away from the core UK business and concentrate his efforts specifically upon the new and emerging technical challenges the business will face as it further diversifies at home and abroad.

Looking ahead, Maas added: “Games Warehouse has three key priorities: to align business costs to revenues, increase sales in core business areas and exploit new market opportunities. The entire coin-op industry has been through the toughest of periods but by re-focusing on customer support, leveraging our terrific game content and further diversifying our product offerings, Games Warehouse will emerge stronger than ever.”

He added in an interview with InterGame: “I will be much more involved in the running of Games Warehouse, alongside Andy Powell, over the next six months. We see it as a great opportunity for AMI to increase its synergy with Games Warehouse. In the US we have been very effective in consolidating and synergising different businesses to create extra value.

“My greater involvement with Games Warehouse in the coming months will enable me to decide on the direction the company should take. I am very happy with the team we have there and we are committed to that team and to having a UK business. Games Warehouse is the gaming engine of AMI and the restructure will focus on getting more value out of it.”

By Phil Clegg

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