PRS stands by NSM court judgement


PRS for Music stands by its statement of 1st July 2011 regarding the outcome of High Court proceedings against NSM Music Ltd.
 A copy of the Order and the Judgment is available at
 As is clear from the Order and the Judgment, judgment was entered in favour of PRS for Music against NSM Music Limited and permission to appeal was refused.
 PRS for Music represents the rights of the creators or publishers of musical works.
 PPL represents the rights of the performers and sound recording owners.
 To incorporate and digitally transmit recorded music into jukeboxes, a provider will need to obtain licences in relation to both sound recordings and musical works.
 For the avoidance of doubt, such licences are separate from sound recording and musical work licences required by premises for the public performance of recorded music on jukeboxes.  However, this public performance will also require a licence both in relation to sound recordings and musical works.  This is because the public performance of recorded music utilises both sound recordings and musical works.
 Jonathan Morrish from PPL added “we reiterate that both organisations represent different rights in music used.  Licences are required for both rights in sound recordings and musical works for jukebox services such as the services provided by NSM Music Ltd.”

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