Trocadero Games to go to Las Vegas. (In Wardour St)


Family Leisure has confirmed that machines from the recently closed Funland at the Trocadero will be relocated to the basement of the Las Vegas arcade in Wardour Street.

“Hi guys, great news! Las Vegas, 89-91 Wardour St will have the latest machines from Funland in the basement. Please let everyone know!” says the Family Leisure Facebook page.

There is even a suggestion that players can influence the choice of machines, if they have any particular favourites. Comments have flooded onto Coin-op Community since the news broke of Funland’s demise and we will be running a player feature in the next few days.

The Las Vegas basement has been available to let for a number of months, so it is good news for players that a central London amusement arcade remains. 


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Hey all :) If you have any machine requests, do drop them here. I’m in direct contact with Perry (Funland manager). I’ve requested ParaPara and the Pump cabinet was upgraded to Fiesta EX the same day I asked him. Legend. We have a chance to save our favourite games so do make a list and I can contact him straight away :)

I’ve also spoken to security at Las Vegas who are really friendly. For the people that were wondering what is happening to the Funland September 17th Pump tournament – Once I get a chance will speak to the manager and if all good I’ll just hold tournaments in LV in the future.

Toby N
18/07/2011, 09:39

We need to actually fix the pads, loads of people been complaining about pad misfires, |I wish the engineers were more aware about how important the quality of the responsiveness of the pads are

Casey (1059)
18/07/2011, 23:34

anychance they can get the ticket games and rewards? i got a bunch of tickets that needs to be spent lol!

Pierre C
22/07/2011, 23:07

Lindi and MikeMike requested the card reader to be activated and also for the pads of pump to be repaired..awaiting news of that

No news of platinum crew service being present in the UK still

Chiba, Jp Represent!
25/07/2011, 12:20

Any chance of having SVC Chaos SNK VS Capcom and The King of Fighters 2000? Those machines used to be at Trocadero, before it shut.

Daniel C
26/07/2011, 12:58

Fighting Mania!

That is all…or can you ask if they would consider selling me 1 of the 3 cabinets they had? :)

03/08/2011, 16:13

could you please get initial d stage 4 in there please and whats the minimum age to get in there now?

29/12/2011, 02:41

super street fighter 4, wangan midnight maximum tune 3 and battle gear 4.

29/12/2011, 02:46

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