Praesepe says some manufacturers are taking the B3


Nick Harding, Chairman of AGC giant Praesepe is not mincing his words when it comes to manufacturers overcharging for B3 changes. Harding, whose estate went live last night due to weeks of preparation had the following to say:
“At midnight last night we finally went live with the changes to the operation of B3 machines.For the avoidance of doubt this means that we can return, after four years, to the highly popular ‘Section 16′ prize to stake ratio of £2 stake/£500 maximum prize and I am certain that our regular players will vote with their feet and move back to playing these games in AGC and Bingo Clubs, where their levels of comfort and general customer service are so much better than alternative venues!
At many of our venues we went live at midnight as we had been planning the launch of these new games for some time and had already embedded the new game software in existing machines ready for the launch. This is mainly true of ‘Barcrest’ and ‘BluePrint’ machines which are either linked on-line to central servers that make it very easy to download software, or (in the case of BluePrint) have been being delivered to our venues over the past week or so. Other machines will take longer to update, with software being delivered by engineers uploading from memory sticks or cds.
Sadly some manufacturers are clearly hell bent on alienating themselves from their core markets and are asking ridiculous amounts of money for simple game upgrades. My view is that short term gain in this situation will ultimately damage their market reputation and buyers will vote with their feet in the coming months. Certainly we have said that we won’t play ball and there will be at least one large manufacturer who won’t see their equipment being upgraded in the Praesepe estate!
But, great news all round. Its been a struggle, in fact I’m not sure what I shall be worrying about every morning now that this has been resolved, but doubtless there will soon be something else to keep us exercised!! And thanks to all our investors who kept the faith over the last three years, in particular Marwyn who are in the process of taking us private. We will be resurfacing as part of their MMP conglomerate very shortly and I have no doubt that this deregulation news will help significantly in future fund raising….”
Nick Harding 12th July 2011

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