Funland Trocadero Closes


News that the Funland location in the Trocadero Centre in London has closed down has been confirmed by an announcement from the operators, West End Amusements today. 

The statement reads:

On July 4 2011, Jason Greenhalgh & Paul Stanley of Begbies Traynor were appointed Joint Administrators of West End Amusements and West End Amusement Parks.

Unfortunately, the business has ceased to trade following the disconnection of the electricity supply by the landlord of the trading premises at the Trocadero Centre, Piccadilly Circus, London. In an effort to ensure the future of the business and save jobs, the directors had attempted to reduce the overheads by trying to renegotiate the lease with the landlord. Despite numerous attempts, it proved unsuccessful leaving the directors with a difficult decision with further trading losses anticipated.

The directors comment: “While recently the companies had experienced difficult trading, the directors of West End Amusements (trading as ‘Funland’) and West End Amusement Parks had hoped that they may have been able to renegotiate the terms of the lease with the landlord.

“Unfortunately attempts to negotiate proved unsuccessful both before and after the administration process was started. On July 1, 2011 the rent went into arrears and on July 3, 2011 the landlord disconnected the electricity supply and chained the emergency fire exits closed. An offer to pay for the supply of electricity was made to the landlord in an effort to maintain the operation of the site while negotiations were under way. The offer was rejected resulting in the forced closure of the site by the landlord. It now appears that there is no prospect that the companies can resume trading with the result that 95 jobs will be lost.’”

If there is no solution, then London loses what has for many years been recognised as its most influential location. Funland has been used as the prime test location for many of the world’s most influential games.

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This place changed many of our lives. We went on to hold fighting game tournaments and used the DDR/Pump machines as a basis to go on to real dance (bboying, popping, locking). It means so much to me and the place changed my life. Travelled all over the world from Rome to Seoul to LA with the friends I made there. Funland did have better days but you will be missed. RIP.

Toby N
13/07/2011, 09:31

As far as I’m aware locking and chaining fire escapes is extremely illegal and if that has been done someone should let the fire brigade and police be aware of it… I’m sure they’d be interested….

14/07/2011, 19:38

Can’t belive its gone :( turned up today and was really upset!
I go once a month and It was well loved by me and my friends… Hope it opens back up!

Rachael Pankhurst
14/07/2011, 21:14

I just heard from my friend who works for Las Vegas that they will have most of the machines from Funland in the basement. Also upon request and if the demand is high you can request machines. Yay! A mini Funland lol!

Las Vegas is on Wardour Street number 89-91 so please let everyone know asap. You can add them on facebook, share the link and spread the word if it’s popular it may bring Funland back ;-)

16/07/2011, 14:03

This is really interesting – can they fit many machines into the basement at Las Vegas? As far as I remember it wasn’t that big. Still it is a good opportunity to use the space as there was a notice there before saying they wanted to lease it out. Please keep me updated on both the machines and the Facebook site! And thanks for your contribution

16/07/2011, 18:27

16/07/2011, 14:04

I haven’t been so sad about a company failing since Woolworths :(

20/07/2011, 15:17

Machines will be added trying hard stick with us

25/07/2011, 23:59

Only problem with the stuff going to Las Vegas is that now the manager of the place has made a stupid rule saying that under 18s are not allowed into the basement until 5pm

30/07/2011, 13:43

this is really unfair for all of those people who wanted to have a great time at Funland, but they have ended because of people worrying about their jobs.

STUPID PEOPLE, BRING BACK FUNLAND NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aadam Zia
03/09/2011, 13:12

What about my points?!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl Prax
11/10/2011, 12:42

I have so many points years and years of accumulation! I must have spent so much over the years, as customers we deserve so much better. Really annoyed how this has been handled. Funland have customer emails at least address those that have supported the company through out the years. its nearly a year and nothing has changed!

01/01/2012, 16:01

The Landlord is an evil person. I am 40 and i goes there along with my teen son and loved it. It was very special and a magical place good for teens to go and have fun. Without it teens will miss it. To staff and bosses Thankyou for those magical days we had there. RIP Funland.

02/01/2012, 01:33

The feeling you get when you hear news of the passing of a life long friend

J solo
14/05/2012, 10:44

Went there today with my dad, brother and sister. I remember going there often in the early 2000′s but then didn’t for many years, until 2009, even then some of the floors were closed and not much was going on. Thinking back to the earlier times when I would spend hours there with my mum and siblings, it was always so full with people. It was a great place to go. I can’t believe it ran into financial difficulties, there isn’t another place like it. I saw today that the 2nd and 3rd floors were closed off, but there were still loads of games on those floors. The dark tunnel with the escalator leading to the top had been ripped out. Full of tacky souvenir shops, overpriced cafes and coffee bars now. We can still remember the happy times

01/07/2012, 22:15

I’ve just seen on another website that the top floors have been taken over and will be turned into a pod hotel.

01/07/2012, 22:58

I’ve arranged a few corporate events there over the years and was just trying to do another one which lead me to this page! I cant believe it’s gone i’ve had many a good night with friends and work colleagues over the years and will miss it!

03/08/2012, 11:18

I went to London this year and i miss Funland. When are the machines in Funland now? I think Vulcan are in Brighton Pier. He He He

Barry Kelleher
limerick ireland
14/11/2012, 09:10

Please bring Finland back!! It has always been a fun part of my trips to London. I want to take my kids there but it’s gone!!!

Tracy sleath
28/04/2015, 07:06

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