MP Greg Knight lights up Smoking Debate


East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has joined the campaign to allow pubs to have smoking rooms. MP Greg Knight, who is not a smoker himself, says that pubs and clubs need to allow smoking in order to boost revenues. He says the ban has had a devastating impact on the trade with 4,148 pubs in England closing since it came in three years ago

“We don’t want to overturn the ban, just amend it, because pubs are suffering,” he said. “Pubs and clubs are at the heart of every community, they are a much-loved part of our national culture. But with about 40 closing their doors for good every week, it is time for a review of the smoking ban.”

Mr Knight was speaking at  the Parliamentary launch of the Save Our Pubs And Clubs campaign in Westminster.

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about time with VAT at 20 per cent. No smoking -
it is taking the heart and soul from pubs stop it now while you can

patrick mccarthy
15/07/2011, 21:09

Hi Patrick – thanks for your comment – I am not clear are you all for smoking being allowed in special rooms in pubs or against the idea of smoking altogether? all the best Steph

16/07/2011, 18:31

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