Namco and Brent Electronic offer KYOTO Lifestyle


Namco Prize Europe and Brent Electronic have continued to increase their market presence with the arrival the KYOTO Lifestyle brand of electronic consumables.

The KYOTO brand is certain to take the prize vending experience to a new and exciting level, giving operators the opportunity to see players leaving their premises with ultra-desirable electronic products.

Although the core market remains licensed toy characters, Namco Prize Europe has used its worldwide reach to source the KYOTO range from the same factories that manufacture products for renowned global retailers such as Target in the US and Tesco in Europe.

Therefore all KYOTO products are of high street retail quality, but because Namco Prize Europe has cut out the ‘middle men’ it is able to pass the cost reductions on to its customers.

KYOTO’s high definition video camera offers an excellent spec and is supplied with power adapters for both the EU and the UK, while the still camera in the range come loaded with features including 5 Megapixel resolution and digital zoom.

James Anderson, EMEA Sales Manager said “The range is very good and the initial feedback from the market is that the in-house designed packaging will be appealing to players as it looks of high end retail standard, in comparison to some of the other similarly priced products on the market.  We have access to some of the best manufacturers in the Far East and are continually reviewing new products, with plans to expand the range KYOTO in the near future”

Given the exciting opportunity the range represents, Namco Prize Europe is seeing a growing number of distributors take it up across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

In the UK, KYOTO Lifestyle electronic consumables are supplied by Brent Electronic.

All KYOTO products have a price point lower than the maximum prize value stipulated by the Gambling Act 2005, meaning they can be offered in Bandai Namco’s range of leading prize vending machines including Barbercut, Clena Flex and Dunk Tank Prize as well as other prize machines in the market.


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