John Appleton warns against digital products


John Appleton, director of electronic leisure at Mitchells & Butlers has weighed in against video AWP machines in an extraordinary article in the Morning Advertiser.

It is not the first time Mr. Appleton has voiced his opinion that analogue AWPs outperform their more modern counterparts. In the article, which he penned himself, Mr. Appleton says, “The ‘dogma of technology’ in the current digital v analogue (reel-based) gaming debate could cost the pub sector around £160m a year in lost gaming revenues and the higher costs of digital gaming products.

“The seductiveness and ‘hard sell’ of technology, and not the commercial reality of the cash in box, is influencing some pubcos’ gaming strategies to the detriment of the business.”

The whole article can be read on the Morning Advertiser website here:

Coin-op Community will bring some more comment to the debate from others in the next 24 hours

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The reference to JA article being negative I totally disagree, he is being practical, where is the cash box evidence to support the Digital products?
There needs to be more transparency regarding the cash box performance of the AWP Digital versus Reels product performance?
We all want Digital to succeed which I think JA supports that point, its the player and the cash box that will dictate events.
If there are those in the industry that have commented today who think the way forward is Digital ask them to provide the evidence that is the cash figures?
As the IOA Group we have a number of technology projects on the go, which some do include Digital AWPs, therefore like JA we support technology developments, but equally we are providing our Customers with the machines and services today that will maximise their cash boxes.

peter weir
IOA Group
15/06/2011, 15:26

Whole heartedly agree with John’s points. We have tried and tested within our clients without any degree of success.
Not against the principal but the average punter is not yet convinced.
Will I suspect take some time to convert opinion.

Paul Andrews
Consultant, for 30 years
15/06/2011, 19:44

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