Park Avenue doesn’t disappoint


Lunchtime in Park Avenue, London and a queue is forming for the famous Greek barbeque. The numbers of visitors at this year’s gathering have suddenly swelled in the last hour and anyone who is anyone in the UK industry is here. There are the cynics who bemoaning the state of the coin-op sector and others who are upbeat, working the room, slapping backs. There are even some international visitors who have made the trip.

The Park Avenue Open Day is one of those events that never seems to change. Encompassing Electrocoin and UDC (United Distributing Company) the event always seems to attract some sunshine, allthough the rain clouds did make a brief appearance. It is an opportunity to catch up, do some networking and see some new products.

Among the new products on show are Electrocoin’s Take it or Leave It Safe Cracker which is just celebrating M&B retailer rental approval, the latest of its retailer approvals. The innovative Take it or Leave It gamble up feature is what sets this apart. The Sound Leisure and Soundnet teams are showing the VenueHub digital jukebox and would like to tell everyone about the latest application that will be unveiled in a few week’s time with a third party internet giant. But we can’t reveal it just yet!

Heber was also showing its latest XPC 1600 controller which is super compact and also incredibly good value (for more details see product listing in buy and sell). Ray Hazelton from Hazel Electronics also has an innovative new product for arcades, a card reader that fits on all types of machines, which feeds into a loyalty points system. Customers can then redeem points for redemption prizes, or even high street store vouchers.

But for the main part – the products take a bit of a back seat to the main business, which is of course the catching up and the great barbeque…

See our gallery below:

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